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Alarm  경보ڧԧߧѧ ֧ӧԧ Warnung ԦͦæŦѦός AlarmarLK-ES
Gasoline Engine Siren

Engine: HONDA Gasoline Engine 13HP, 3600 r/mi
Fuel:   Gasoline 93#
Fuel Consumption:    About 3.3L/ hour
Storage Battery:   17Ah 12V X2pcs
Controller:    Radio Controller at Range 100 meters
IP Rating:    IP44
Sound Rating:   1282db (A) @ 1m
Sound Frequency:   55050Hz
Net Weight:   135Kg
Packing Size:   100x95x75cm

Lion King siren model LK-ES is a new-developed advanced siren which is driven by a gasoline engine, no need electrical power supply

LK-ES are removable with a cart. It can be used at any place where there is emergency situation.

LK-ES are strongly recommended for applications at places there is no steady and reliable power supply and ambulant warning are required, especially under conditions conditions of war, serious natural disasters, mining industry and field work.k.

With a remote controller, LK-ES can send out different sound signals.  

Normal Maintenance:

* As the strong sound may badly hurt the hearing of people, the operator should be keep at least 10 meters from the siren when starting the siren.

* Normally keep about 5L gasoline in the fuel box.

* The storage battery must be recharged when the voltage is no more than 20V.

* The battery of remote controller should be renewed every 60 days.

*The gasoline engine should be kept running idle about 30 minutes for testing and maintenance every 60 days.


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