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Line Thrower C
Modular Ladder Poles
¡¡The Modular Ladder Poles are designed for rapid boarding of static and moving targets. The Ladder Poles is simple to deploy and climbing is very easy. The operator can effectively run up the ladder if necessary. If you need to transfer person from the vessel to the RHIB you will find that it is also easy to climb for person that are not as well trained as your fellow team members.
Item code Description Details
TG MLP80 Park 8m Top Assembly. 2 Sections, 1Half Section, Bottom Assembly, flexible ext.
TG MLP65 Park 6.5m Top Assembly. 1 Sections, 1Half Section,Bottom Assembly, flexible ext.
TGMLP1002 Pole Section Extra Section 2.45m/8ft
TGMLP1003 Half Pole Section Extra Section 1.30m/4.3ft
Several kit options Available Top Assembly (Top Adapterwith  Access Hook) Bottom Standoff Assembly Unique Double Safety Connection System
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